John Muir Wilderness Map

John Muir Wilderness Map

Old Army Pass above Cottonwood Lake #4

John Muir Wilderness is one of the most expansive and breathtaking wilderness areas in the entire Sierra Nevada range. It contains Mt Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48, as well as 58 peaks over 13,000 ft. It covers 653,000 acres and spans both the Inyo and Sierra National Forests. The southern portion is narrow, and contains the eastern escarpment of the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada. The northern portion widens out from Lake Sabrina westward and brackets the northern section of Kings Canyon National Park, and continues north to Devils Postpile National Monument (near Mammoth Lakes).

It borders the Golden Trout Wilderness to the south, both Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park to the west, as well as the Ansel Adams Wilderness to the northwest. Combined these areas make up the largest road-less area in the continental US. Not a single road crosses the Sierra Nevada range between Sherman Pass Rd to the south, and Tioga Pass Rd (Hwy 120) to the north, a span of at least 145 miles! We offer two water-proof maps that cover the John Muir Wilderness area.

Permits are required for all overnight stays, and are avail from either Inyo or Sierra National Forest depending on where you begin your trip. See our detailed Sierra Wilderness Permit Page.

Southern Sierra Trail MapCentral Sierra Trail Map
Check out our Southern Sierra and Central Sierra Trail Maps to help you find and explore the John Muir Wilderness area.


Cottonwood Lakes (10,140′)
Whitney Portal (8320′)
Shepherds Pass (6290′)
Onion Valley (9200′)
Baxter Pass (6025′)
Sawmill Pass (4610′)
Taboose Pass (5450′)
Red Lake (6630′)
Birch Lake (6550′)
Big Pine Creek (7675′)
Bishop Pass (9830′)
Sabrina Basin (9090′)
Piute Pass (9350′)
Pine Creek Pass (7425′)
Little Lakes Valley (10,225′)
Mono Pass (10,225′)
Hilton Lakes (9400′)
McGee Pass (7865′)
Duck Pass (9110′)
PCT at Reds Meadow (7705′)

Bear Creek (7395′)
Crater Lake (7355′)
Florence Trailhead (7355′)
Maxson (8110′)
Woodchuck (6850′)
Three Springs (6720′)


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