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** June 2022 ** We have released 2 new maps!  The San Bernardino National Forest Trail Map, and the Central Sierra Trail Map.  They are available to purchase on this website and are now distributed by Mountain N’ Air Books, which means they will soon be available at REI…!!!!

REI links to the San Diego Map and the Southern Sierra Map. Waiting for the new ones to appear.

Launched in 2017, Calico Maps is a San Diego, California based cartography company specializing in durable, waterproof paper maps for use by the Hiking and Biking communities.

Paper maps in this day and age…? Absolutely! There is still no better way to get an overview of an area, while still being able study the fine details. Paper maps remain tried and true, and should be an essential item in everyone’s pack.

Our first project was the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area (Mt. Mt Mount Laguna Topo Trail Map) in the eastern part of San Diego County. The map is printed on durable water-proof paper, and is the most accurate and detailed map of the area in existence. It was meticulously researched and much of the area was walked on foot to verify the important details. We are now ready to take orders…

Thanks for your patience, and happy adventuring!

Feel free to Contact Us with questions, comments or map ideas.