Mt. Laguna Trail Map

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**UPDATED for 2022 with UTM Grid Lines, elevation points, and trail corrections**
An extremely detailed, shaded relief topo map, printed on waterproof and tear-resistant paper. Allows navigation in the greater Laguna Mountain Recreation Area in San Diego County, California. Includes detailed area information, trail mileages for all segments and is an excellent companion for anyone looking to enjoy San Diego’s backcountry.
(Published: 2022, Size: 16.75″ x 16″; Scale 1:32,000, 1″ = 0.5 mi)


54 reviews for Mt. Laguna Trail Map

  1. Tim N. (verified owner)

    Very detailed. Easy to read. Helpful with distances listed on trails

  2. Joel P. (verified owner)

    Great map. Highly detailed, easy to read, waterproof, perfect size for hiking. Excellent!

  3. Stephanie M. (verified owner)

    I was excited to finally find a detailed map of the Laguna Mountain area – all other maps were too small, or didn’t have any distances but this one is just right for local adventures. Plus, paper maps are the bomb – you can see everything in the area, which makes it easy to imagine other, future trips or to make course changes if you need to.

  4. Michael H. (verified owner)

    I was looking for maps with clearly marked borders for National Parks, Wilderness areas etc. These are perfect for that. Everything else, trails, roads etc are also marked very clearly.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    5 stars

  6. Patricia V. (verified owner)

    Great map. I already planned some hikes in that area.

  7. Chad W. (verified owner)

    Great map, perfect size for backpacking and a lot of information right there directly in front of you on the map

  8. Anne B. (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a map of this small but beautiful area and now I have one. Thank you!

  9. J S (verified owner)

    Fast ship, good quality. Wish they had other detailed maps in San Diego, got this because it is one of the few. Now I have to go explore Laguna Mountain!

  10. Jennifer M. (verified owner)

    Full of information, will be very useful

  11. Edward Garcia (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd purchase of Laguna Mts map..I know the area well but I feel more confident with Calico in my pocket!

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    Great Map, great quality and very accurate! Just the right size, and folds back up very easy during a hike. Tear resistant and water proof is a must for me because I want a map that last. I actually have this on my refrigerator when I am not using to motivate me to plan my next hike.

  13. Alan Babbitt (verified owner)

    Quality map. Great customer service!

  14. Daniel Jones (verified owner)

    What I was looking for!

  15. Doug (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. All good.

  16. Tom Hussey (verified owner)

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent trail maps. Highly recommend using this map.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s a clear and concise map with the numbered trails, now I can enjoy the scenery and not worry about looking at the phone.

  19. Charles S. (verified owner)

    Good Map and fast delivery. Very happy with it.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good quality. I’d buy again.

  21. Angela (verified owner)

  22. Jorge Loya (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. Timothy R. (verified owner)

    Great product. Well laid out. Durable. Clear. Love it!

  25. richard roehrich (verified owner)

    bought two, one for a friend and one for myself. great map of my favorite hiking area. accurate, well-detailed, and printed on tear-resistant paper. i’ll be looking through your other offerings for more good maps like this one!

  26. Sonnie L. (verified owner)

  27. David R. (verified owner)

    Best detailed map on the area I’ve come across.

  28. jean (verified owner)

  29. Rick (verified owner)

    Well worth the money and postage was reasonable. Wish I had this map when I first started hiking Big Laguna. I have the official USFS map but it’s confusing and incomplete. BTW you really do need a map for this area – there are just too many unofficial trails and false trails to nowhere, plus at least a couple of the official trails seem to just peter out…

  30. Sharon K. (verified owner)

  31. ALAN (verified owner)

    Good quality and details.

  32. SEAN DOVER (verified owner)

    Great size for a pack. Perfect material.

  33. Tim

    I got this map after finding errors on the one from the Forest Service. Specifically around the trails around the Little Laguna Lake.

    I check this map and it was correct, at least in the areas I was at. I also REALLY like that it has the mileages on it, and the terrain shading is really nice.

  34. Erik Garcia-Granados (verified owner)

  35. Edward Garcia (verified owner)

    Second time I’ve purchased this map…doing great!

  36. Michael Lewis (verified owner)

    It’s a good map, though I wish it showed distances on some of the dirt roads in the area.

  37. Lewis Wise (verified owner)

    We hike often in the Mount Laguna area, and I bought this map because I was on my 3rd free map from the Visitor Center, and got tired of having it rip in half while using it. This map is nicely made, and it feels like there is no way I’m going to rip it from regular use. Also, I noticed that it has more detail, more realistic trail representations, and overall better trail info than the other. This was a great purchase, and I am really happy I spent the money on it.

  38. Barbara (verified owner)

    Great map And easy to read

  39. Steve C. (verified owner)

    This map is fantastic! Love the detail and even that it shows the mile markers on the roads to make finding those sometimes obscure trailheads a little easier.

  40. David W. (verified owner)

  41. Chris Pratt (verified owner)

    This is a no-nonsense, sturdy, reliable, high quality map that includes every trail in and around Mount Laguna. Totally worth your while.

  42. denise (verified owner)

    Very high quality

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s printed on high-quality, tear resistant paper, and based on recent hikes, appears to be pretty accurate. Best of all, no batteries required.

  44. RICARDO GONZALEZ (verified owner)

    That’s what I want! Thanks Calico Maps…awesome! And affordable prices.

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy replacement of the cheaper quality map you can get at the visitor center. Awesome quality and the ink and resolution are super easy to read.

  46. Thomas (verified owner)

    This more durable map replaces the coated paper map we got from the Ranger station last year. The paper map easily separated on the fold – this one will not.

  47. Steven O. (verified owner)

    The Laguna Mountains are San Diego’s most overlooked resource. Finally, there is a quality, durable map to help explore the area.

  48. Karen MacIntyre (verified owner)

    Clear graphics and accurate information.

  49. Brian K. (verified owner)

  50. Cara D. (verified owner)

    This is a great area to hike with lots of trails – nice to have a map finally. I only had a picture on my phone of the map posted at sunset trail head. Quality paper – will last!

  51. josh (verified owner)

    Nice map showing good detail but it’s a very small area so the SD trail map from these guys works just fine – I just wanted to support the business because they offer the best maps. Wish they offered maps for San Bernardino wilderness too (hint hint)

  52. John M. (verified owner)

    Great map! Very good quality paper!

  53. Ruth Rich (verified owner)

    Very nice map. I like the waterproof paper. The hiking trails seem to be very well marked, along with the distance between each leg.
    I appreciate the quick response to my order.

  54. Donna B.

    Bought this at the General Store out there. Spent the day exploring the area. There are so many trails I didn’t know about. Thanks Calico Maps!!!

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