San Bernardino National Forest Trail Map

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A detailed trail map that covers both sides of the San Bernardino National Forest. Beautiful shaded relief topo, printed on waterproof and tear-resistant paper that shows the trails of both the San Gorgonio/Big Bear and San Jacinto/Palm Springs areas. A local map that shows Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City, Palm Springs, Idyllwild, Mt San Jacinto State Park, San Gorgonio Wilderness, Santa Rosa Wilderness, South Fork San Jacinto Wilderness, Bighorn Wilderness & Lake Arrowhead. Map folds down to nice pocket-size and is extremely durable. Shows hiking trailheads, campgrounds, back-country camps, yellow post sites, OHV trails, forest road names and much more. Includes trail mileages and elevation points and is an excellent companion for anyone looking to plan epic adventures in this amazing area.
(Published: 2023, Size: 26.75″ x 19.5″, Double-Sided, Scale 1:82,500, 1″ = 1.3 mi)


13 reviews for San Bernardino National Forest Trail Map

  1. Keri Pommerenk (verified owner)

    This map is exactly what I was hoping for. It’s a good size without being too big or too small. The color and detail are great, showing lots of trails. It’s lightweight and printed on good quality water proof/resistant paper. I can see this becoming my go-to map collection for planning backpacking trips in Southern California and the Sierras.

  2. Jennifer M. (verified owner)

    Full of information, will be very useful

  3. Cyril Lagger (verified owner)

  4. Edward Garcia (verified owner)

    Calico Map’s rendition of the SBNF is clear and concise…I have continued to purchase from Calico because of their attention to detail and quality.

  5. Russ O. (verified owner)

    Well detailed, accurate maps. I like them so much, I framed one and hung it on my wall. Get some for yourself!

  6. Douglas Williams (verified owner)

    I was hoping this was geared more towards the offroad crowd; it does not include all off road ‘trails’ but its still a great product. This is a hiking trail map…

  7. Alan Babbitt (verified owner)

    Quality map. Great customer service!

  8. Ed (verified owner)

    Before I saw this map, I wondered why you would enter a market where you would face stiff competition from Tom Harrison maps. Having now looked at this map, I see why I would buy it, for sure, even already having all the TH maps for the area. Covers a huge amount of territory at a readable scale, and with a map size that is not unwieldy for either table-top planning or field use, with trails, distances and elevations very readable. And very attractive as well, we map lovers don’t like to admit that is important to us, but of course it is.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This map is designed for outdoor adventures with details like campground locations, trailheads, ranger stations, types of motorized road, etc. It also shows areas of different land agencies. This is an excellent tool for planning my outings.

  10. Martin Sereno (verified owner)

    Having lived in southern California for almost 4 decades, I’ve hiked many of these trails, and seen many maps of them. This map is truly unique in putting it all together. Though geographical information systems have many good features, the ability to effortlessly zoom into relevant local surroundings leads to a fragmented mental picture; the GIS system knows how each thing fits into the big picture but it can’t efficiently convey the big picture to our visual system, especially though a cell-phone-sized image. Get this map! Highly recommended from someone who has devoted his life to finding maps in the brain.

  11. Tom Hussey (verified owner)

  12. Rick B. (verified owner)

    I know I can use this map with confidence by comparing it to trails I’m already familiar with. Easy to read, includes the important features.

  13. Juergen S. (verified owner)

    We explored the Thomas Mtn. area just before this map became available and muddled through with outdated maps and our sense of orientation. Now that I have this map, I can see where we were and how we could have made this trip even better. I just love the new Calico maps – and the fact that they are not only detailed and up to date, but that they can also handle heavy (even ab-) use.

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